Washington, DC : Dec 4, 2018

The Mid-Atlantic's JavaScript and full web stack conference series! This NationJS will feature talks on React.

Tickets to NationJS React are on sale now. But act fast! Our first two ticket batches sold out in less than 24 hours each!

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Our Speakers!

Steve kinney

Steve Kinney

Demystifying React Performance

Jenn creighton

Jenn Creighton

React 16, the future & you

Nir kaufman

Nir Kaufman

Demystify the V DOM

Valerie woolard srinivasan

Valerie Woolard Srinivasan

Mixing with HOCs, RenderProps, and Mixins: Managing Reusable Logic in React

Jennifer wong

Jennifer Wong

Translating React

Mike lazer walker

Mike Lazer-Walker

Making Real-Time Networked Multiplayer Games With React and Redux

Chienyi cheri hung

Chienyi Cheri Hung

BFF - GraphQL Backend-for-Frontend with React UI

Sean mcbride

Sean McBride

Fight the Power: Building Decentralized Social Apps with React and Solid

Elisheba wiggins

Elisheba Anderson

Leveling up through Code Reviews

Joshua nelson

Joshua Nelson

React explained, explained

Your Hosts!

Mandy moore

Mandy Moore


React in DC!

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