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Steve Kinney

Steve Kinney

Steve Kinney is a principal engineer at SendGrid where he works on creating a rich WYSIWYG editor for building HTML emails using modern web technologies. Previously, he was the director of the front-end engineering program at the Turing School of Software and Design in Denver, Colorado where he taught JavaScript and other technologies to aspiring developers from across the country. He is a recovering New York City public school teacher and recently learned how to drive a car.

Actually Understanding Asynchronous JavaScript

Reasoning about asynchronous JavaScript doesn’t have to be maddening once you understand what’s going on under the hood. In this talk, we’ll take a good, hard look at how the browser and Node.js implement asynchrony and how to reason about it and build on top of it with confidence and moxie.

Emily Freeman

Emily Freeman

After many years of ghostwriting, Emily Freeman made the bold (insane?!) choice to switch careers into software engineering. Emily is the curator of JavaScript January — a collection of JavaScript articles which attracts 32,000 visitors in the month of January. A former competitive powerlifter, she works as a developer advocate for Kickbox and lives in Denver, Colorado.

The Intelligence of Instinct

Fear isn’t a gut feeling. It’s your brain delivering critical information derived from countless cues that have added up to one conclusion. This talk will explore fear, instinct and denial. And we’ll look at how we can start to view “feelings” as pre-incident indicators.

Colin Ihrig

Colin Ihrig

Colin Ihrig is a member of the Node.js Core Technical Committee, a libuv collaborator, and a hapi.js core team member. Colin is the author of Pro Node.js for Developers, and co-author of Full Stack JavaScript Development with MEAN. Colin is currently a product engineer at Joyent, focusing on Node.js development and enterprise support.

The State of Node Core

Node.js, as a platform, is constantly changing and evolving. Node’s core is a melting pot of features from our own community, as well as dependencies such as V8 and libuv. This talk will cover the latest developments in Node core, including the freshly released (if we’re on time this year) Node 10.

Julka Grodel

Julka Grodel

Julka Grodel is a Principal Software Engineer at Framebridge, a DC startup disrupting the custom framing market. She is happiest when she can get lost in the details and structure of a thing, making it for work her, making it work better, or cleaning it up to make it easier for others. By day, Julka channels this focus to empower Framebridge customers to frame everything they love and she enjoys seeing how creative and weird people get. When not toiling away for her corporate overlords she spends her time volunteering on literacy projects with the Junior League, in a Pilates studio, or doting over her blind cat Batman and his BFF Robin.

Will You Help Me End Pixelated Images on the Internet?

Have you heard about how Scalable Vector Graphics can look great at any resolution and can take up less space than other images? Let me introduce you to the XML format that is SVG, styling them and some transformations so you can begin putting them to work.

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