Ariya Hidayat

Ariya Hidayat created PhantomJS, the industry’s most popular headless browser. He is also the creator of Esprima, a parser serving as the basis of modern JavaScript language tooling. These days, he focuses mostly on software craftsmanship with HTML5, JavaScript, and other web technologies.

Ariya is currently running the VP of Engineering at Shape Security. Previously he built leading mobile and web technologies at Sencha, Qualcomm, and Nokia.

Jenna Zeigen

One morning, Jenna awoke to find that she had transformed into a programmer. She’s been psyched about coding ever since. She’s currently swimming with JavaScript at DigitalOcean as the Engineering Manager for their Frontend Infrastructure team. When she’s not teaching pixels to party or helping keep engineers happy, Jenna enjoys climbing, coffee, and cat gifs. Her best party trick is that she wrote the most serious academic paper of her life on puns.

The Browser and the Brain

Computers and brains are often used as metaphors for one another, but how does a web browser compare to the human brain? We’ll compare elements of browsers, such as parsers and interpreters, the event loop, and rendering, with aspects of cognition, like language processing, attention, and vision.

Sam Bellen

Sam Bellen is a front-end developer at madewithlove, a small app development company based in Belgium, but with employees all over the world. Before joining madewithlove, I worked for one of Belgium’s biggest digital agencies where I helped creating anything from campaign websites to a new trading platform for Belgium’s biggest online stock broker.

For my day to day job I’m in charge of creating challenging user interfaces and make applications nice to work with. After office hours I like to play around with the web-audio API, and other “exotic” browser API’s. One of my side projects is a library to add audio effects to an audio input using JavaScript.

When I’m not behind a computer, you can find playing the guitar, having a beer at a concert, or trying to snap the next perfect picture.

I Didn’t Know the Browser Could Do That!

Everyday, you’re working with a web-browser, but do you know all of it’s capabilities? These wonderful pieces of software are much more powerful than they appear. This talk will take you through some of the lesser know but definitely double as cool browser api’s.