Our Speakers!

Brain Holt

Brian Holt

Brian Holt is a senior cloud developer advocate at Microsoft and he's all about developers, developers, developers. Previously he was a JavaScript engineer at Netflix, LinkedIn and Reddit. When not working, Brian finds time to teach on Frontend Masters, run his mouth on Front End Happy Hour, travel all over the world, and play with his adorable dog. Brian is currently a resident of Seattle, WA.

Futurist Code Bases: Integrating JS of the FutureToday

The future is now. Or then. Or it will be soon be now, but now is then.

JavaScript and its ecosystem is ever evolving and JS fatigue can be real. It's a lot to keep up with. Staying up to date on the ever moving system feels like a fool's errand and to some degree it can be.

But in this talk we're going to chat about a few things: what's new and important now with ES2018, ES2019 and beyond, what's new and important in the JavaScript ecosystem and tooling, and how to sanely integrate new features, tools, and such into your existing codebase today.

Come chat about the future and how to touch it today.

Eva Ferreira

Eva Ferreira

Eva Ferreira is a front-end developer and teacher. She is currently working at Aerolab as a UI Developer and has been teaching web technologies at the National Technological University of Argentina for more than five years.

Take on me, web browsers!

In 1985 pop music was mesmerized by the a-ha “Take on me” music video. It’s been almost 35 years since then, the world needs new catchy tunes with impressive video animations… on the web. Let’s learn how we can edit videos and create immersive experiences worthy of the ‘80s using JavaScript and CSS.


Chiedo is the CEO of Chiedo Labs, a software agency that companies hire to build web, desktop, and mobile applications. He’s passionate about his family, innovation, and the communities he serves in. If you’ve got something challenging, you’ve usually got his attention.

The Hybrid Experiment: Merging Node.js, WordPress, and React

Marketing folk almost always insist that we build in WordPress. And it’s great for informational sites. But we refuse to build custom web apps upon the WordPress ecosystem. But sometimes we’re asked to and we can at least appear to comply… Thus we launched a Hybrid experiment.

An attempt to build React apps that seamlessly blended together and worked along side WordPress. Ultimately, so we could use WordPress to grant the marketing teams access to the WordPress plugin Ecosystem, Blog functionality, and Page builders, while allowing us to build everything else in React.

Nir Kaufman

Nir Kaufman is a Google Developer Expert in web technologies, speaker, trainer, and meetups organizer. Principal Frontend Consultant at 500Tech, a front-end consultancy in NYC.

Be a Jedi developer. Become one with the Source, and the Source will guide you.

You can choose to be a code executer and keep spending your time running code that other people wrote. But a true Jedi developer knows how to use the power of the source. In this session, we will peek under the hood of a famous library and see how much we can learn from it. By the end of this session, you will get both practical tips and motivation to explore open source code and become a Jedi developer, May the source be with you.

Divya Sasidharan

Divya Sasidharan is a web developer who is passionate about open source and the web. She is currently a developer advocate at Netlify, and believes that there is a better workflow for building and deploying sites that doesn’t require a server—ask her about the JAMstack. You will most likely find her in the sunniest spot in the room with a cup of tea in hand.

Authentication for the REST of us

Auth is a a daunting concept to grok, especially for the uninitiated. In addition to the many authentication strategies to choose from, there are also many cloud based authentication services available. Deciding the best authentication strategy for your application can be an incredibly overwhelming decision. In this session, we journey through the steps of securing a web application by taking a bare bones web application and progressively adding authentication to it. In the process of adding authentication, we will demystify the wonderful world of web authentication to take our web security skills to the next level!

In addition to covering a real world example, I will be covering simple tools and techniques you can use to start integrating authentication into applications without the stress.

Vitalii Bobrov

Vitalii Bobrov

Vitalii Bobrov is a Lead JavaScript Engineer with more than six years of professional experience. He is co-organizer of Angular Wroclaw meetup. Vitalii is keeping up-to-date with the latest Web Platform features and doing great experiments with it. This guy is not just a nerd, but tech speaker, ngGirls mentor, and the father of the excellent little girl.

JavaScript, JavaScript…. Rocks You!

Take your old scratched Les Paul or Stratocaster from the case and fill all the space around with warm riffs. I’m going to show how to transform the code into Kirk Hammett’s wah-wah, Stevie Ray Vaughan’s overdrive and Kurt Cobain’s distortion. You’ll learn how to parse audio input in real-time using JavaScript and the Web Audio API.

I’ll be jamming live on stage with my guitar to demo every code example, and we’ll also use WebRTC to jam with friends across the world! After this talk, you will be familiar with the principles behind pedal sound effects and how to create them in code. Let’s rock the Web 🤘!

Ashley Jean

Ashley Jean is a software engineer at mdlogix and a part-time Computer Science graduate student who resides in Baltimore, Maryland. In her spare time, Ashley enjoys reading and hosting book club gatherings. Additionally, she enjoys organizing events in Baltimore for folks learning to code. She is a co-organizer for the Baltimore Hackathon and sits on the industry advisory board for Code in the Schools.

Building Bridges, Not Walls: An Approach to Accessibility

You could argue that web accessibility is the most important consideration when building web applications. Web accessibility enables an inclusive experience for all. Yet it tends to be overlooked due to its complex nature. Let’s change that!

Recently, I was tasked with creating a company-wide web accessibility plan. I drafted a plan, collaborated with the team, and the result is now the standard for our applications. In this talk, we will discuss how I constructed this plan and the lessons learned. Lastly, I will give you tips you can use for your own accessibility plan–not just create one, but get it adopted as part of the fabric of your team.

Jasper Schulte

Jasper Schulte

Hacker Founder. During the day I’m CTO of GreenHome, a sustainable scale up from Amsterdam, during the evening I build my own drones and try to do all kind of fun stuff with them.

Controlling a swarm of drones with JavaScript

We’re pretty used to drones flying around us by now. Until now most of these drones were still controlled by a human operator. But what if we could control them solely using our code? In this talk I will show how to control multiple drones using JavaScript. With the help of Node.js we’ll send commands to the drones and read back their telemetry. I will talk about the difficulties of flying and keeping control of a drone completely without human interference. In the second part we will actually send the drones flying and I’ll ask two audience members to participate in a small ‘drone’ game.

Michael Szul

Michael Szul has spent almost two decades in software engineering in industries as diverse as insurance, energy, travel, and higher education. He has worked in both application and product development, as well as framework creation, code generation, API building, and machine learning. Szul is the co-host of the Codepunk podcast–a podcast about programming, technology, and the digital lifestyle. He records programming tutorials on YouTube, blogs at codepunk.io, edits the Bots + Beer email newsletter, speaks at conferences, and is also a Microsoft MVP in Developer Technologies. He is the author of an upcoming book on building chatbots with TypeSript and the Bot Framework.

I Don't Hate JavaScript Anymore

JavaScript is the assembly language of the web, but that hasn't prevented it from being the punchline of jokes for the last decade or more because of its weird quirks and browser implementations. It doesn't have to be this way. Modern browsers and Node.JS support ES6 and beyond. This isn't the JavaScript of the early 90's, 00's, or even ten years ago, and if you still hate JavaScript, you're doing it wrong.

In this session, you'll cringe at the wounds of JavaScript past, but rejoice in the newer browser APIs, language syntax, and Node.JS packages that now make JavaScript a joy.

Tommy O'Keefe

Tommy O'Keefe is a full stack developer at NPR, formerly a full stack developer at Atlantic Media Strategies, the digital consultancy of The Atlantic magazine. Currently he is writing a lot of TypeScript for voice platforms like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Tommy thinks of himself as a “life long learner” and is always looking for connections between the world of technology and other fields of study. When he isn’t writing code, he can often be found hanging out with his family, riding his bicycle, or reading a book and drinking good coffee.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love TypeScript

Have you considered using TypeScript but can’t bring yourself to take the plunge? Are you worried that the cost will outweigh the benefits? As someone who has gone all in on TypeScript I’ll detail my journey from TypeScript skeptic to TypeScript fanboy using examples from real world usage at NPR.