Our Speakers!

Steve Kinney

Steve Kinney is a principal engineer at SendGrid where he works on creating a rich WYSIWYG editor for building HTML emails using modern web technologies. Previously, he was the director of the front-end engineering program at the Turing School of Software and Design in Denver, Colorado where he taught JavaScript and other technologies to aspiring developers from across the country. He is a recovering New York City public school teacher and recently learned how to drive a car.

Demystifying React Performance

React is fast! Yea. But, any application that grows begins to develop its own edge cases that require us to do detective work to get the best performance. We’ll take a look at some of the common pitfalls React applications, how to diagnose them, & how to measure the effectiveness of your solutions.

Jenn Creighton

Jenn Creighton is a senior front end engineer at ClassPass where she writes code between workouts. She is likely to talk your ear off about React, JavaScript, or her hatred of CSS floats. She lives in New York City with her 2 cats & 1 dog & a handful of succulents. Say hello to her @gurlcode!

React, the future & you

Released in September 2017, React 16.0 introduced the React community to several new features: fragments, portals, and error boundaries. React 16.0 was also a major rewrite of React’s reconciliation algorithm. The future of React is looming with 17.0 and the React team’s recent 16.3 release enables new lifecycle methods and a new Context API. These are major changes to the framework that no front end engineer should be unaware of. In this talk, attendees will learn these new features, as well as what Fiber means for React’s future and how to prepare their applications for Fiber’s async rendering.

Chienyi Cheri Hung

Chienyi Cheri Hung is a software engineer specializing in Frontend development with a love for UX design. She has worked on softwares in many problem spaces, including news media/data visualization, geographic information application, restaurant management system and banking servicing applications. She is currently a Master Software Engineer at Capital One in Virginia. (And in a previous life, she was a photojournalist by trade.)

BFF - GraphQL Backend-for-Frontend with React UI

Ever spend hours/days on your UI layer molding the data from services only to have it break when the response shapes change? Ever end up splitting a general API into specific APIs to serve multiple UIs? Let’s tackle these problems once and for all with a middle layer, a GraphQL Backend-for-Frontend.